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Request for Proposals:
VoiceOver International Creative Experience

Now Accepting proposals for the next VOICE Convention

Click here for our VOICE Request For Proposal (RFP) PDF form

Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of VOICE:

The VoiceOver International Creative Experience conferences have always thrived from the dedication and volunteerism of the voiceover community. Since the first VOICE conference in 2007, individual coaches, union members, independent voice talent, authors, and organizations have donated their time and energy to provide the voiceover community with quality presentations, articles, and event staff. Their presentations and support have made a valuable contribution to our community’s body of knowledge and to the personal and professional development of those just beginning in voiceover as well as current working professionals.

There are a variety of ways to be part of the VOICE conference. The two areas that require a submitted proposal are:

  1. Presenters for the purpose of teaching live sessions at the conference
  2. Authors for the purpose of writing articles to be included in the VOICE Magazine.

Past VOICE conference presenters and authors truly represent an international lineup of voiceover professionals from many areas of the business. The Executive Producers and the VOICE Program Committee thank all of these individuals for their efforts on behalf of the entire voiceover community.

We invite you to partner with us in continuing this tradition of providing the voiceover community with outstanding presentations or supporting print material in the three focus areas of the conference:

    • Education - Skills coaching and training for all levels of experience in both the performing and business sides of voiceover. We especially need presentations focusing on how experienced voice talent can step up their game; how radio personalities can reinvent themselves as voiceover talent; how on-camera and stage actors can approach voiceover work by adapting their existing performing skills; new approaches to working the business side of voiceover; and other “how-to’s” for developing and building new performing and business skills.
    • Technology - We’d like to include several programs focusing on the technology of voiceover, including: microphones, outboard signal processing equipment, Internet recording and delivery options, home studio design, dealing with room acoustics, and more. Some of our vendors may be suitable presenters in this category.
    • Community - This is a general category aimed at bringing voiceover talent together as a cohesive and supportive community. Program topics that do not fit within the Education or Technology categories would fit here. Subjects like how to use social networking groups to develop skills and build business contacts; panel discussions featuring professionals from several areas of the voiceover business; and interviews with prominent voiceover professionals all fit in this category. Some programs, like our closing banquet special guest program, may be a crossover between this and another category.

We are especially interested in programs focusing on performing
techniques, business applications, or demonstrations of technology applications that are designed for a medium to advanced
level of experience in voiceover.

In order to maintain high standards of presentation content, we are requesting proposals for presentations and articles to build core skills, share best practices and innovations, and lead the way on trends. Because of the nature of the VOICE conference, this means submitting proposals that are learner-focused, ensuring that each session or article is a learning experience with application toward the performance craft, the business, or the technology of voiceover. To ensure that everyone who wants to volunteer his or her time as a presenter has a fair chance to do so, the VOICE Program Committee requires that any firm, agency, or individual who would like to volunteer their services as a presenter complete the RFP form linked from this web page.

Click here for our VOICE Request For Proposal (RFP) PDF form

If you are selected to present, please view this opportunity as a commitment like any other, confirming that you will deliver your session by securing the support of your organization (if applicable) and managing your workload and clients to keep this time open. We understand that things do happen and appreciate your advance notice in the event of extreme circumstances that prevent your attendance. All presenters are booked under a standard VOICE Conference Booking Agreement that includes details on all aspects of the booking.


We recognize that the VOICE conference may take you away from your regular session work and other business. We also appreciate the time and effort that goes into the preparation of a presentation that will be seen by several hundred attendees and is largely a “give back” (or a “give forward”) to the voiceover community. Although there is no direct compensation for your participation as a VOICE presenter or contributor, we are able to offer a variety of incentives that are intended to make your time at the conference worthwhile.

Presenter Incentives:

Those who are accepted to present a session at VOICE will receive the following incentives:

  • One complimentary admission for Presenter to all convention events ($697 value). Up to two additional support staff receive a 33% discount off event tuition. (Closing night banquet and other extra-charge events are not included). If support staff is working booth only, each support staff shall receive a complimentary Exhibit Hall Pass.
  • Complimentary exhibit space in the VOICE Exhibit Hall. You may use your exhibit space to sell books, products, services, or promote your business. ($2500 value). If you do not have a product or service to sell at your booth, you can use your booth space as a lounge or simply for networking.
  • Priority access to the VOICE Studio. (Our on site ISDN studio). You will move to the front of the line for any session work you need to track during the conference.
  • A complimentary insert in the VOICE event Show Bag ($200 value)
  • A complimentary 1/2-page ad included in your section of the VOICE Program/Guide. ($1500 value)
  • A 50% discount on upgraded advertising space
  • An opportunity to submit an article for the VOICE Educational Downloads. Your article may either support your presentation or be on a different subject.
  • Promotion on the VOICE web site as an audio “teaser” voiced by you, plus a text description of your program and a brief bio with a link to your web site. ($500 value)
  • Your name and web site included in all VOICE e-mail promotions we send out.
  • A complimentary copy of the VOICE conference compilation audio MP3 files. You may use your segment of the conference audio recording in any manner you choose, including selling your session as a product through your web site or workshops. ($597 value)

Author Incentives:

Those individuals whose articles are accepted for inclusion in the VOICE Magazine/Program will receive the following incentives:

  • Name and web site link posted on the VOICE web site. ($250 value)
  • A complimentary business card ad in the VOICE Magazine/Program ($250 value)

Click here for our VOICE Request For Proposal (RFP) PDF form

Policies and Procedures:

The following guidelines apply to both presenters and authors.

  • Speakers must:
    • Avoid using brand names and endorsing specific products unless they specifically pertain to the presentation topic.
    • Eliminate any form of direct promotion of the speaker’s or organization’s product, service, or monetary self-interest. Exhibit space in the VOICE Exhibit Hall is provided for you to sell products, services, or otherwise promote your business. Your presentation should be focused on a learning experience for attendees and should not be a sales pitch for your business or a “how-to” session for a product you are selling.
    • Refrain from overt statements, harsh language, or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group
  • Delivering a presentation at a VOICE conference is done on a voluntary, unpaid basis, with the exception of the incentives noted above.
  • All of the speaker's individual travel, hotel, meals, and additional expenses are at his or her own responsibility.
  • Proposal Submission Limit:
    • Any voiceover professional or related organization may submit up to two proposals per conference year for presentations and up to four proposals for VOICE Magazine articles. If selected, a presenter will be given the opportunity to present only one of the topics submitted (some exceptions may apply). Up to two articles may be accepted for the VOICE Magazine.
    • Any proposals submitted in excess of this limit will be disregarded.
    • Please submit your very best proposal and coordinate with your colleagues when submitting from large organizations.
  • Proposal Format
    • Proposals must be typed and delivered via postal mail. Please use the downloadable PDF file provided.
    • E-mailed proposals will only be considered for submissions from outside the USA and Canada.
    • Completed RFP may be Fax’d to +1.858.309.4216. Please call us at 858.484.0220 to confirm receipt of your Fax.
    • Hand written or hand printed proposals will not be considered.
    • The VOICE Request For Proposals PDF on-line form is a fill-in-the-blanks form that can be completed on your computer and printed.
  • Proposal Submission Procedure:
    • Proposals must be received by midnight, July 31, 2009.
    • Proposals post marked after the deadline may be considered if a presentation slot is still available after all other submissions have been considered.
    • Mail your completed proposal to:

          • VOICE RFP
            VoiceActing, LLC
            13639 Freeport Rd.
            San Diego, CA 92129-3210

    • Fax to: +1.858.309.4216
    • E-mail to:

Selection Criteria and Review:

Role of the Program Committee:

The Program Committee is composed of the Executive Producers of VOICE and selected staff members, all having significant experience in various areas of voiceover. Committee members will review all proposals submitted. The selection process follows a rigorous review of every proposal submitted. Only the very best are selected.

Selection Criteria:

The proposed session or article must be delivered or authored by an individual with substantial topic knowledge as well as skill in facilitating learning experiences and/or speaking to large groups and must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Provide pertinent information, techniques, or training in skill sets necessary for operating a home-based voiceover business. This could include topics such as marketing, compensation, promotion, accounting/record keeping, etc.
  • Provide functional or operational training in an area of the performance craft of voiceover designed to help entry level voice talent. This could include anything from a general discussion of the voiceover business to specific training in a genre of voiceover work.
  • Provide specific recommendations, direction, or advice designed to advance the business of an experienced voice artist. This might include advanced marketing techniques, advanced performing skills, transitioning from radio or TV to voiceover, etc.
  • Organize a panel of voiceover professionals to discuss a specific aspect of the voiceover business (ie: compensation, unions, agents, promo, audio books, etc.)

Evaluation Criteria:

All submitted proposals and articles are evaluated using the following additional criteria:

  • Content that is current and practical, cutting edge or innovative as it relates to the voiceover business.
  • Programs and initiatives that demonstrate measurable business impact and results.
  • Completeness, accuracy, and clarity of the proposal. Proposals that do not follow the instructions or are unclear in their purpose will be not be considered.
  • Clear, specific, and informative content which is directly linked to the benefits/outcomes and that can realistically be met in the time allotted.
  • A balanced slate of speakers representing diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, organizations, topics, and experience in voiceover.
  • Past evaluations, web site information, head-shots, printed promotional material, audio presentations, and/or videos may also be considered and will be helpful is our selection process. If you have an audio CD or video of a workshop or teaching session, or other items you feel will support your proposal, please send them with your RFP. Submitted materials cannot be returned.
  • Prior presenters will be considered, providing their submission is for a topic that is different from one they presented at a VOICE conference within the past 3 years.

Click here for our VOICE Request For Proposal (RFP) PDF form
For your convenience, the PDF file is a “fill-in-the-blanks” document.
We suggest downloading the PDF file before opening in Acrobat Reader.
You can type directly into the form on your computer,
then PRINT and mail to us.

Questions should be sent in an e-mail to:
or call us at 858 484-0220 M-F, 10am-5pm Pacific Time

*Incentives and opportunities outlined on this page are estimated and subject to change without notice. Actual incentives and opportunities are specified in the Booking Agreement sent to those submitting accepted proposals.


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