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Selling Your Product or Service

Guidelines for Vendors, Authors & Producers is always interested in providing relevant products and services to the voiceover community. This page provides the details as to how we work with 3rd party vendors, authors, and producers, how prices are set, how products are shipped, and how we make payment for these products. If you have any questions, please call us at 858 484-0220.

  1. A sample copy of the book, CD, or other product must be submitted for review to determine the product’s relevance to the voiceover industry. Submitted products cannot be returned.
  2. Upon review, and if acceptable, the product will be added to the appropriate area of the product catalog. The Vendor will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance usually within 30-60 days of receipt of the sample copy.
  3. The Vendor must include the following with their sample product:
      • Contact name, address, city, zip;
      • Telephone number;
      • Email address;
      • PayPal account email address
      • Product name as it should appear in our website catalog;
      • A brief product description (we reserve the right to re-write the description to be consistent with our other product descriptions);
      • The product retail price; and
      • The product’s shipping cost.
  4. The vendor sets their retail price for the product. This is usually consistent with their direct sales price and may or may not include shipping. (Even if shipping is included in the suggested retail price, the product price and shipping must be listed separately in information included with a sample product).
  5. The Vendor determines their shipping cost and method of shipping. recommends shipping via USPS Priority mail (currently $4.80) for 3-day delivery anywhere in the US. may add approximately 50% of the shipping cost when posting the product in our catalog to allow for internal processing and handling. (ie: a typical $4.80 USPS Priority shipment will have a posted shipping/handling fee of $7.00.)
  6. 3rd party product sales are on a drop-ship basis: purchases the product from Author/Producer at a deeply discounted price averaging 50% to 60% off the retail selling price. For example, for a product sold through for $20.00 (plus shipping), the Vendor would receive a PayPal payment in the amount of $8 - $10 plus the Vendor’s shipping cost. The exact discount rate will be based on the retail selling price of the product and negotiated with the Vendor as part of a formal re-seller agreement between the Vendor and
  7. When an order is received by, a PayPal payment (including the discount price and shipping) is sent to the Vendor as a “drop-ship” order. In some cases an email may also be sent to the Vendor as a backup for the PayPal payment. This email usually includes the original PayPal order received by us (as a verification of purchaser information and the “ship to” address.)
  8. The Vendor agrees to ship any orders received in a timely manner, no more than 48 hours after receipt of the order from
  9. Because all 3rd party products are sold on a “drop-ship” basis, the Vendor may include their own promotional material or bounce backs with the shipped product.
  10. The Vendor agrees to handle any problems with the product, including delivery issues, damaged product, refunds, and exchanges.
  11. CA sales tax will be charged on all applicable orders received by Sales tax will not be paid to the Vendor as the purchase of the product by constitutes a re-sale transaction. Upon request, a copy of the reseller permit will be provided to the Vendor.
  12. The Vendor agrees to include a link to on a suitable links page of their website.
  13. acts as an authorized re-seller of the Vendor’s product and will promote the product through the website, the Art of Voice Acting newsletter, and other promotional opportunities that may present themselves, including workshops and special events.
  14. Although it is appreciated, and is a separate arrangement, 3rd party Vendors are under no obligation to reciprocate by promoting or selling products or services created by



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