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Marc Cashman
Dave Fennoy
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Pat Fraley
Anne Ganguzza
Dory Kafoure

David Goldberg
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MJ Lallo
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Joe Loesch
Ron Minatrea
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Paul Pape
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Edge Studio -

Thursday, 8/28/14 - 5:00pm - Edge Studio presents:
A conversation with Hollywood SuperAgent Dean Panaro

Dean Panaro has guided the careers of dozens of the voice over industry's best known actors during his 16 years at ICM, DPN and Abrams Artists. Actors like James Arnold Taylor, Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt call Dean a mentor and a friend.

In this candid and unscripted live interview, Graeme Spicer, Managing Director of Edge Studio, will ask Dean the questions we've all wanted answered about the life of a Hollywood agent. What attributes in a voice actor do agents seek most? What is the most annoying habit exhibited by actors that make agents crazy? Why do some talented actors fail, and other less talented actors succeed? And what's with all the work going to celebrities?

This hour will undoubtedly be one of the most entertaining and insightful sessions on the VOICE 2014 program - actionable information for actors of all levels.

Friday, 8/29/14 - 2:00pm
13 Smart Ways to Grab More VO Work - including Live One-on-One Coaching from the Stage!

David Goldberg, CEO of Edge Studio, distills two decades of casting and coaching experience into a single 90 minute action-packed session!

Successful voice actors flourish when they translate their natural strengths into an "ownable" distinct style, rather than competing for jobs better suited to other actors. David helps you identify your strengths, and then explains in actionable terms how to market those strengths.

David will then will spend 60 minutes working one-on-one with volunteers from the audience to help them assess their distinct voice over style; and to help everyone in the audience to 'train their ears' to help deliver their best auditions, candidly assess their demos, and please their clients!

David's presentations and live coaching sessions are always amongst the most popular sessions at voice over events - be sure and get there early for a good seat and for the opportunity to volunteer to read for David live on stage!




David Goldberg of Edge Studio is one of the top recognized authorities on voiceover in the U.S. His unique understanding of both the talent and production sides of the voiceover business put Edge in a unique position to be the talent provider and production resource for some of the top audio and video production companies around the world.

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Beverly Bremers

Tweaks of the Trade

If you’ve been auditioning as a voice actor for awhile, but haven’t been booking as much as you think you should be (or at all!),then it’s time to look at your work and see if some tweaking is in order. Sometimes the simplest adjustment can make or break your performance. Voice actor/coach Beverly Bremers will show you some handy tips on how to improve your reads to raise your ratio of auditions to jobs, such as Musical Triplets, Silent Lead-ins, Handy Hands, Utterances, Breaking Down & Building Up Copy, and Personalizing. Own it! Many times, all it takes is a tweak.



Beverly Bremers

Beverly’s speaking voice has been heard in various media for more than 35 years for products such as: Shell Oil, Nissan, Jazzercise, San Diego Zoo, US Navy, Sony, Honda, Oprah and dozens more. Her singing voice has been heard on many national spots such as Certs, Faberge, Clairol and more. Beverly’s voice acting career covers commercials, infomercials, industrials, promos, cartoons, CDs, websites, audio books, and more. She has been teaching voiceover and vocal skills for more than 25 years in Orange County, CA, San Diego, and New York as both a private coach and a University instructor at the University of California, San Diego; UC Irvine, Learning Tree University; Saddleback College; the Performer’s Academy; and her own Voicercise studio.

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Scott Brick

Audio Books from A-Z & More
Business and Performance

If you are serious about entering or improving your knowledge of the burgeoning audio book industry, you won’t want to miss this program featuring a panel of experts in the field. These are the Best of the Best!  You’ll have an opportunity to “pick their brains” and learn some of the insider secrets of this side of voiceover work from several of the top audiobook narrators in the business

You are the driving force for this program, based entirely around your questions.

Scott’s panelists include (subject to change):

  • Patrick Fraley - audio book talent
  • Kathy Mazer - audio book  talent



Scott Brick

Scott Brick has recorded bestsellers and Pulitzer-Prize winners for every major publisher, over 600 titles since his debut in 1999, including MYSTIC RIVER, FAHRENHEIT 451, IN COLD BLOOD and HELTER SKELTER. In addition to over 50 Earphones Awards, he’s also received two Audie Awards for his work on the DUNE saga. In 2004, AUDIOFILE MAGAZINE named Brick “one of the fastest-rising stars in the audiobook galaxy” and proclaimed him a Golden Voice, and his work was thereafter profiled in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. Earlier this year Publisher’s Weekly named Scott their Audiobook Narrator of the Year for the second time, and his work on the multi-voice recording of THE MARK OF ZORRO was nominated for a Grammy. An active and passionate teacher, Scott recently wrote an intensely detailed and multi-media analysis of the narration process called NARRATING AUDIOBOOKS BRICK BY BRICK, now available on his website (as well as in our Dealer’s Room). In addition, Scott just completed work on his first novel, a supernatural thriller based on an 18th-century murder in New England. No word on which celebrities will be asked to record the audiobook.

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Bob & September Day Carter

The VO Game Show

Voice over can be such hard work! Learning all the jargon, group script reads, auditioning. If you need some good motivation to finally know the definition of the word “sibilance”, it’s time for YOU to play “The VO Game Show”! Test your VO knowledge and win awesome prizes. We’ll pick 3 contestants to play onstage AND we’ll be drawing audience names for random chances to win throughout the game. Answer questions about VO terminology, the coaches and talents you need to know, equipment, and take on our FUN VO challenges including tongue twisters, getting through terrible copy, and finishing copy in the allotted time! This is a great way to LEARN, HAVE FUN, AND WIN!



Bob Carter and September Day Carter are internationally known voice over talents based in Atlanta. September is the voice of the AMAZON KINDLE FIRE and also voices for MTV, COKE, MARY KAY, ABC FAMILY, BRAVO TV, VH-1, SONY, LG ELECTRONICS, FUJIFILM, and Pandora Radio. Bob is the voice behind some of the biggest, baddest bad guys in video games like MORTAL KOMBAT, STREET FIGHTER, AND HALO WARS as well as characters in popular anime series like SAMURAI SEVEN, FULL METAL ALCHEMIST, and DRAGONBALL Z. They are owners of The Neighborhood, a voice over studio in Atlanta built on the ideals and principles of Mister Rogers. Understanding that they have both made their careers choosing different paths and they both have different strengths, they use a "Two Coach Approach", coaching in the areas of their proficiency to assist others realize their potential. September was lucky enough to have attended VOICE 2008 and is proud to come to VOICE 2014 as a presenter.

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Marc Cashman

Masters Class: Live Copy Workout

This intensive copy workout Masters Class is for advanced voice actors to participate in and for beginner and intermediate students to learn from. The scripts and direction will test your performing skills under simulated real-world conditions. We may not be in a recording studio, but the pressure of intensive direction and split-second choices will be there. Even if you’re just getting started, you’ll learn what it tales to be a successful voice actor in a real-world session.


“We’re Auditioning for a Muse” - Pt IV
Just plain fun!

This program has become a tradition at the VOICE convention. If you’ve been to any of the past three VOICE conventions, you know that Marc is a collector of of odd, quirky, obtuse, and often meaningless directorial notes. This multimedia program is guaranteed to leave you in stitches as Marc makes fun of all the idiotic, amazing, ridiculous and gut-bustingly funny directions that voice actors see every day in the scripts they audition.

For VOICE 2014 Marc will be presenting this hysterical program as part of the VOICE banquet on Saturday night. We guarantee you won’t want to miss it!

Hint: The producers of the project for which this program is titled were, in fact, auditioning for a “Moose!”



Marc Cashman

Marc Cashman, President and Creative Director of Cashman Commercials, creates and produces music and copy advertising for radio and television. He’s also one of the few people in the commercial production business who is on “both sides of the glass” - as a Clio-winning Radio and TV commercial copywriter, producer and casting director, and as a working voice actor.
Over the past 25 years, Marc has won over 150 local, regional, national and international advertising awards, which include the Telly, Addy, IBA, So. California Broadcasters, Intl., Radio Festival of NY, Silver Microphone, Belding, London Intl., and the prestigious Clio on behalf of hundreds of ad agencies and clients across the country.
Voted one of the “Best voices of the year” by AudioFile Magazine, Marc is a veteran voice actor with over 25 years of studio experience and more than 100 audio books to his credit. He’s been heard locally, regionally, and internationally on thousands of Radio and TV commercials. He’d dubbed foreign films and created the voices of many animated TV characters as well as interactive, online and videogame roles. In addition to his production schedule, Marc is a voiceover instructor at California Institute of the Arts, does pro bono work for numerous charitable and public service organizations, and instructs voiceacting of all levels through his “Cashman Cache of Voice-Acting Techniques” classes in Los Angeles.

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Dave Fennoy

Video Game VO

So ... you’re playing your favorite video game thinking ... “Gee, I’d sure like to be the voice in one of these games.” But then you realize that you have absolutely no idea of how to do that.

Enter Dave Fennoy. Dave is one of the busiest voice actors in Hollywood and one of his specialties is Video Game voice work. In this fascinating program you’ll learn how Dave became a “game voice” and how the video game industry has grown into what it is today. You’ll also learn some of the insider “tricks of the trade” for being a successful game voice and how to create authentic game voices. This will be an interactive program with many participants working on mic exploring game copy.




Dave Fennoy has been a preeminent voice working in Los Angeles since 1990 and one of the most versatile voices in the industry providing voices for Commercials, Narrations, TV Promos, Award Shows, Animation and Games.

His promo clients over the years include HULU.COM, ABC, The WB, Fox, CBS, Showtime, Starz, ESPN, The Disney Channel and TV One. His campaign spokesvoice credits include Lexus, McDonalds, Corona Beer, KFC, Toyota, Chrysler, and ATT, Time Life Music R&B/Gospel and Southern Company. Gamers enjoy his work on STARCRAFT II, Metal Gear, That’s So Raven, Ultimate Spiderman, Delta Force, Star Wars, Laura Croft Tomb Raider, and many others. Narration credits include programs for National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Science Channel’s popular series, “When Earth Erupts”. His various film voices include “Ghost Rider”, “Happy Feet”,and “King’s Ransom”, and he has proved a cartoon favorite in such series as The LeBrons, Kim Possible, Ben 10, Darkwing Duck, New Kids on the Block, Pro Stars, Johnny Quest and Sonic the Hedgehog. Dave has been the show voice for several TV and Award shows, among them Late Night with Gregg Kinnear, The Billboard Music Awards, The Teen Choice Awards, Cedric the Entertainer Presents, and for the past 15 years The NAACP Image Awards.

Mr. Fennoy is a sought-after VO instructor, and the subject of a chapter in the book “Secrets of Voice Over Success” by Joan Baker.

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Natan Fischer

The Hispanic Market

There are 900 million Spanish speakers out there! We have radio stations in Spanish, Magazines in Spanish, entire Advertising agencies working only in Spanish. Our market is huge and with its own rules. If you think the VO business works the same way in Spanish as it does in English, well... think again!

With 22 Spanish speaking countries, more than 100 distinctive accents, and substantial cultural differences and rivalries, our segment is extremely complex.

With more than 10 years of experience, I have recorded voiceover s for almost every country in Latin America, the United States, Europe adn Asia.

I’m an Argentinean native who is the voice for Mitsubishi in Puerto Rico, has been the voice for Taco Bell in San Antonio, Texas, Western Union in Chile and have even recorded for the US Federal Government, the City of Los Angeles, the City of San Diego, the Australian Government and the Obama campaign.

How did I do it? By understanding the differences that make this niche so unique.

And I’m willing to share!



Natan Fischer

Natan Fischer is an experienced voice professional, and probably one of the biggest names in the industry when it comes to the Spanish Language. He has worked for a large number of world class and Fortune 500 companies such as Western Union, Ford, Playboy, Toyota, DirecTV, Nextel, Century Link, Telecom, General Motors, and Hyundai, among many others.

His versatility with the language, and a huge understanding of the many accents and cultural differences that make the Spanish language unique, has made Natan an "in demand" voice talent for almost every country in Latin America, The United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

He has been the main speaker in many academic conferences in LATAM, and is extremely proud to be presenting his program at VOICE 2014.

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Patrick Fraley

Opening Keynote Special Program

You never quite know what to expect when Pat Fraley takes the stage. At VOICE 2007, he shared his “50 Slick Tricks” for voiceover. At VOICE 2008, it was all about the “Accent on Accents.” At VOICE 2010, his opening keynote featured a special appearance by Brad Garrett (of “Everybody Loves Raymond”), an appearance by Morgan Freeman sound-alike voice actor Larry Davis and an hilarious live performance and coaching session featuring several audience members and VOICE Executive Producer James Alburger. At VOICE 2012 Pat opened the convention with his incredible “Melt Down Mix Down.”

For VOICE 2014, Pat once again has something incredible planned to kick off the VOICE convention. We guarantee you will want to there on Thursday morning to experience Pat Fraley.




Pat Fraley is one of the busiest and most connected voice actors in Hollywood. He has voiced more than 4,000 characters for feature film animation, cartoons, commercials, and more. He is a prolific teacher and voice actor.

Pat has been an important part of every VOICE convention since the beginning in 2007. Why... you might ask? Simply because he presents an incredibly entertaining, informative and downright fun program to kick off the convention. Pat always sets the tone for the VOICE convention and this year will be no different.

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Anne Ganguzza

Social Networking

Social Networking has been the buzz word for marketing in all areas of business for quite some time. When it comes to Social Media Networking, Anne Ganguzza is one of the best in the world of voiceover.

During this session, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of how to build your voiceover business through various Social Media sites. You’ll learn what to do and how to do it, and more important, you’ll learn how to avoid many of the mistakes that can actually prevent people from doing business with you.

We all need to know something about Social Media Networking, and if you’re not already at the top of your Social Media game, you need to attend this session.




Anne Ganguzza is best known for her VO Peeps Meetup group that meets at her home just about every month. But she’s also a very busy voice actor in Orange County, California and is a master of Social Networking.

 Anne is also a well-respected voiceover coach, helping guide many upcoming voice talent to a successful career start. She has taught voiceover and Social Media throughout the U.S. and will be handling the Social Media for VOICE 2014 as one of our Staff Members.

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Voice with Heart

NOTE:  We are saddened to announce that Elley-Ray had to cancel her appearance at VOICE 2014 due to health reasons. Because she values her students and regrets that she will not be able to attend VOICE 2014, she is planning to produce a video of her program. When completed, her video program will be posted on the VOICE Convention Downloads page.


IN A WORLD... devoid of passionate SPIRIT, VOICERS long to communicate authentically and transform the solitary landscape of a digitized, computerized, encrypted world of NON conversation. Voicers dream to emotionally enervate, inspire and reawaken an audience who has stopped listening.

We are champions of the WORD and must give STORY a new meaning - one that can be HEARD and change our emotionally and creatively starved world.

Discover how to honestly communicate, unlock the stuck j”READ”, release the stagnant “ANNOUNCER”, find your unique vocal brand and SHARE trughful expression. Become the VOICE everyone wants to hear.

Listen... it is time for CHANGE, it is time for Courage, it is time to VOICE WITH HEART.




Elley-Ray Hennessey

With more than 35 years of experience, Elley-Ray is one of Toronto’s top VO professionals and coaches, specializing in Animation, Commercial Announcer and Multi-Voice. Elley’s exposure and influence reaches far beyond the Toronto market with students across North America, Europe and Asia.

Elley-Ray has voiced literally thousands of TV and radio commercials and has appeared on countless animation series and animation feature films. Some of her credits include: Sidekick; My Big, Big Friend; Spider Ryder; Franklin; Babar; Busy Town; Yam Roll; Bernstein Bears; Robo Roach; Get Ed; Bakugan; Sky Pirates and Carl Squared just to name a few.

In addition to being an award-winning, well-rounded, talented actress, she is also a “brilliant” writer, completing three 3-D animation feature films for Imagination Films, Fantastic Films and Imicine Films: Z-Baw, which went to the Cannes market in 2011, Alley of Dreams, released in December, 2011, and Pappagorgio The Great, currently in preproduction. Elley-Ray was also cast and voice directed Z-Baw and and Alley of Dreams as well as the animation series MP 4-orce, Beyond Real, out of Berlin, Germany.

Elley-Ray is the “go-to” person for acting, voicing, directing, writing, curating, producing and teaching.

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Dory Kafoure


Conducting your Consonant Orchestra
and Maintaining Top Vocal Health
Business & Performance

You greatly depend on your voice for your career. Dory Kafoure is a master at helping people learn how to effectively - and correctly - use their voice.

During this unique and interactive program, you’ll learn how to play your vocal instrument like a prodigy. You’ll discover that consonants are like the individual instruments in an orchestra and how you can orchestrate your performance to bring new energy to every voiceover audition or job.

You’ll also learn how to maintain optimum vocal health. Learn  how your voice works and how to troubleshoot professional challenges. Discover tips to keep your voice healthy in order to insure your vocal longevity. You will be introduced to healthy voice production by cultivating a resonate voice and why it is vocally healthy. You will also learn about producing different voice qualities, the necessity of vocal warm-ups and cool-downs and the importance of viewing your voice in the context of the whole body.

We guarantee you’ve never experienced anything like this. Conducting your Consonant Orchestra is one VOICE 2014 program you won’t want to miss.




Dory Rigopoulos Kafoure, M.A., CCC-SLP is a licensed Speech Pathologist, Voice Therapist, Singing Voice Specialist and trained classical singer.  She specializes in voice improvement for the professional and performing voice. She has 34 years of experience with articulation, language, voice and stuttering disorders including specialized voice studies with highly recognized professionals in clinical voice therapy, theatre voice and the singing voice.  Voice studies include Practitioner for Lessac Voice and Body Work, Verdolini-Madsen Resonant Voice, Estill Voice Training and singing instructor Larra Browning Henderson.  Dory has conducted voice workshops for musical theatre students and is a frequent guest speaker in the Greater San Diego Area.

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Tim Keenan

Using ISDN, Sound Streak & Other Technologies
Business    Performance

Installing ISDN is an expensive step to take for a voice talent and must be done after careful consideration and with serious justification from a good client base.

This program will explore research on regional costs for ISDN around the U.S and in Europe to get a comparison of the monthly expenses for phone services for ISDN lines, etc.

Topics covered will include how much Internet bandwidth is required to effectively use the on-line services in a home studio. New technologies are being introduced almost every day and their use, benefits and costs will also be explored during this unique program.

In addition to discussing the latest in technology, Tim will also touch on what is expected of the voice talent in terms of acoustic control as well as recording and computer capabilities to make the process worthy of gaining continued work.

If you need to know about the technology of your home studio, this is one session you won’t want to miss.



Tim Keenan

Tim Keenan is an award winning audio industry veteran with over 30 years of voiceover recording experience. Tim owns Creative Media Recording, an award winning media studio based in Orange County, and just minutes away from our VOICE 2012 Disneyland location. He has worked with some of the best voices and directors in the business. His studiong and completed audio for clients such as Honda, Wienerschnitzel, Beckman Coulter, Cox Communications, Hyundai Motor Corp., and Yamaha Motors, among others.

Tim also teaches a twice-a-year VO workshop at Creative Media and provides frequent tips and useful information for VO talent on his twitter account @tjkeenan.

In addition, Tim is an accomplished voice actor and provides his own voiceover services on many of the projects produced at Creative Media.

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MJ Lallo

Creating a Killer Animation Demo

Landing a voiceover gig for an animated film or TV show is a prized achievement for most voice actors. Getting to the place with your voiceover work where you have the skills and connections is only half the battle. In order to land that prized job, you also need a “killer” animation demo.

In this program, MJ Lallo, author of “Voiceover for Animation,” voiceover coach, VO casting, VO director and owner of MJ Productions, will show you how to develop the necessary skills and hone your performing talents and comedic timing to the point where you can create an animation demo that will be competitive, original, and so you can land that talent agent and casting agents!

This is not a lecture class. You will participate, so please be prepared with a few of your voices.

Working in animation isn’t for everyone. It’s a highly specialized niche of voiceover that requires some unique abilities. But if this is one of your voiceover passions, you definitely won’t want to miss MJ Lallo’s program




MJ LalloVoiceover for Animation

MJ Lallo does it all at Mj Productions Recording Studio. Besides teaching, she has voiced, cast and directed hundreds of VO projects from Animation feature films, episodic animation, games, infomercials, audio books, and ADR for feature films.

She has also contributed audio tracks to several editions of James Alburger's "The Art of Voice Acting” as well as the 12 track CD included in “ Voice Over for Animation” by Jean Ann Wright and MJ Lallo, published by Focal Press in 2009. She has produced 2 DVD’s: “Marketing Yourself in Voice Over”and “Fun Voice Over Techniques & Exercises”

Some of her clients include: Disney Imagineering’s, Universal Interactive, DreamWorks, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, Houghton –Mifflin Books, Penguin Books, Simon & Schuster, Miramax, Columbia Pictures, and Johnson & Johnson.

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Dan Lenard

George Whittam


Your Home Studio: Acoustics Demystified

90% of a home voice over studio’s audio quality is dependent on the acoustical properties of the room you record in. Dan Lenard, the Home Studio Master and Co-Host of East West Audio Body Shop will discuss and demonstrate the importance of proper acoustical treatment, and the techniques and products someone can use to achieve proper exterior sound rejection and interior room reverberation damping.


Dan and George will shoot an episode of East West Audio Body Shop from VOICE 2014 during the lunch hour on Friday, August 29th, and they need a LIVE studio audience! EWABS covers everything voiceover from technology to training. It's THE FIRST interactive, on-line talk show for voice actors with home voice over studios, or anyone in the business of VO.

Dan and George answer your questions and solve your home voice over studio problems, and do it with a laugh. Each week they are joined by special guests and top VO talent.

EWABS airs LIVE Monday Nights at 9:00 pm Eastern 6:00 Pacific on U-Stream.TV.



Dan Lenard

Buffalo, NY native Dan Lenard is The Home Studio Master. Dan has been a radio personality and a high school Media and Social Studies teacher. He earned his BA in Broadcasting from Buffalo State College in 1980 and then in 2002, an MS in Creative Studies.

Now working from his home based, digital studio, Dan produces high quality audio narration in many genres. Specializing in Tutorial, e-Learning and documentary narration, Dan also voices non-fiction and business oriented books. His years in radio and television production made his transition to his home built and based studio seamless. His experience as a teacher and lecturer on many subjects with his dry sense of humor allows him to explain complex technological voiceover stuff in language anyone can understand.


George Whittam of Los Angeles, CA is a 1997 graduate of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor's degree in Music and Audio Technology with a Minor in Communications. George went on to acquire considerable expertise in music recording by working with various musicians and artists in the Philadelphia area. He also gained broadcast engineering experience working at a radio station in Philadelphia as the remote engineer for the NFL Eagles Radio Network.

From a handful of satisfied clients, George has now built a business that works solely with voice-over studios and clients. His extensive knowledge of computers, software, equipment, and troubleshooting abilities makes him a sought after expert and indispensable on-call technician. He is globally considered a top authority in voice-over recording technology. He has invested thousands of hours researching studio design, recording equipment, and creating training materials for voice actors. In so doing, he has also become an industry innovator by developing specialized services that cater exclusively to voice-over professionals. Among his many successful clients are the late Don LaFontaine, Bill Ratner, Joe Cipriano and Scott Rummell.

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Joe Loesch

Find Your Passion... Find Your Niche
Business  -  Performance

You’re a voice actor, but yet you wonder what is it within your voice work that sparks your soul? You can’t seem to get a handle on what it is that really lights your fire. you want to make good decisions when it comes to your business. But, you must first find your niche. A niche is your special slice of your voice over business pie. It’s your little area of expertise.

Discovering your passion, finding your niche is life changing!

Spend a little time with me at VOICE 2014 and let’s see if we can’t find your niche togethr!




Joe Loesch is the voice for many cartoon characters for the Disney channel. He narrates and produces audiobooks for Harper Collins, Zondervan Publishing and The Lampo Group. He has voiced dozens of commercials for national advertisers, Philips/Magnavox, Bridgestone/Firestone, Folgers Coffee, Sun Sweet Prunes, Ford, Chevy and Toyota. For local and regional advertisers, Auto Masters, Texas Ford Dealer Association and the list goes on. He has also appeared in dozens of national tv commercials. He is also the 2013 Communicator's Gold Award winner for his audiobook work!

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Ron Minatrea

Your Roadmap to Voiceover Success

Make a business plan that’s not scary or overwhelming

    -but practical, relevant, and something you use everyday

Clarify your goals

    -and make sure you have the right actions to meet them

Get Unstuck

    -Know what the right next step is
    -find the focus, motivation, and accountability to take it

In this program you’ll learn how to clearly define success and develop a roadmap to achieve it. We’ll capture it all in a strategic business plan that can be summarized on a single sheet of paper - making your day to day actions clear, focused, and achievable.




Ron Minatrea is a speaker, coach, & owner of RMVOICES – creating and sharing content aligning leadership, vision, & values for life.

A certified professional coach with more than thirty years experience as a Fortune 500 business leader, Ron is a very capable communicator with a strong reputation for strategic planning and operational execution.

Today, he uses those skills to teach, lead, and encourage others to define and achieve their own goals.  By applying common business practices and simple principles for living, he helps them create successful, sustainable careers, with an overall greater sense of satisfaction.

Ron is also a narrator – specializing in e-learning and corporate narration projects, as well as his own original learning content.

He is active in his local church and serves as a member of the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization advancing charitable, scientific, literary, and educational activities within the community.  He and his wife Susan have been married for more than 40 years and have two adult children.

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Gabrielle Nistico

How to be Conversational & Spontaneous
in an Announcer Copy World


We see it multiple times per day; direction that asks you to be conversational / real / non-announcer. “Sound like a real person / make the read your own.” But the copy provided IS announcer copy! How do you take blatantly sales-oriented words and make them believable? How do you become the antil-announcer?

Gabrielle Nistico will show you. Gabby will use audience participation to demonstrate: spontaneous delivery, how to relax announcer copy and make it more genuine as well as her secrets to creating a “dirty read”.

Struggling with how to be conversationally competitive?

This is for you!



Gabrielle Nistico

Gabrielle Nistico is a voice actress, author, sought-after coach and the VP of Her 20 year career in voiceover has also included time as a producer, writer and casting director. Gabby’s main focus as a coach is Business Marketing, Radio Imaging and TV Promo. She teaches talent how to run a better business and how to implement common and proven business strategies into their voiceover careers. She’s voiced imaging and promo for hundreds of radio and TV stations across the globe and gladly shares her insights and experiences in those fields as well.

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Paul Pape


Voiceover Trends
Challenges Facing Today’s Voiceover Actor

Business      Performance

Paul Pape’s panel will pick up where Rob Sciglimpaglia’s panel leaves off... and take things to a completely new level!.

Paul’s panel of top industry professionals will give you the insights you need to be more successful with your voicoever work as the business world changes.

Panelists include: (subject to change)

  • Joe Cipriano - Top Promo voice talent
  • Dave Courvoisier - Social Media Expert
  • Chuck Duran - Demo Producer
  • Vanessa Gilbert - Co-owner TGMD Agency
  • Fred Melamed - Co-star of “In A World”
  • Treslyn Williams - SAG-AFTRA Executive
  • Mary Lynn Wissner - Voice casting expert

This panel will begin immediately following Rob Sciglimpaglia’s panel with only a short break.




29 years and more than 6,500 credits! That's the kind of credibility that Paul Pape brings to VOICE 2014. Paul created the concept for the SAG Foundation Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab in memory of his best friend and was co-founder with Joe Cipriano, George Whittam, and an advisory board of 22 of the top names in the voiceover business. He is currently a board member of the SAG Foundation and an advisor to the newly opened Entertainment Industry Foundation VO Lab at the SAG Foundation in New York. He specializes in commercials, ADR, narration and political voiceover. Through his voiceover work, on-camera work and his production company, New Trails Productions, Paul is extremely well connected and knowledgeable of where the voiceover business has been and where it is going. Contact Paul at [email protected]

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Kurt Kelly

Classic Careers
Business      Performance

When it comes to the business relationships that make a difference, it's about artists doing it the old fashioned way: hard work, solid craft and building quality relationships that are sea worthy. This interactive workshop will take a hard look at how we currently go about building relationships in the voiceover business and confront what’s not working. Every participant will have the opportunity to have a personal and professional breakthrough in the area of relationships and create a new action plan for their voiceover business.

Kurt Kelly is one of America’s most successful media strategists and in-demand voice talent

During this session, Kurt will examine:

  • What are the ingredients of voiceover careers that last?
  • How can business relationships be an opportunity for contribution verses the typical, “What can you do for me?”
  • How can voiceover performers experienced with 10 years or more revitalize their careers?
  • Is it really all about your online presence?
  • Are Pay to Play sites REALLY necessary?

Whether you are just getting started or you’re an experienced pro, you are certain to pick up some interesting tips and lots of great business ideas from Kurt Kelly.





One of America’s most successful media strategists and best-known voiceover artists, Kurt Kelly has been intensely involved in all aspects of multimedia entertainment and technology for more than three decades. His panoramic experience includes the fields of film, television, radio, satellite, distribution, multimedia, the Internet, video games, syndication, marketing, consulting, M&A’s, IPO’s, funding, charity, International Business, broadcast administration and ownership.

Kelly has produced, directed, acted and hosted worldwide satellite broadcasts, live concerts, films, television series and specials, red carpet events, political functions, news, videos and music recordings. He has spearheaded the development and build-out of complete network broadcast and recording facilities, pioneered audience research, domestic and international syndication, sales and distribution centers, Research and Development Technologies, Intellectual Properties, Patents, Trademarks, Internet Service Providers and Virtual Private Networks.

Kurt lends his extensive experience and expertise to this discussion of developing a successful career in voiceover.

Melissa English is a published author, CEO of a publishing company, International Media Relations Manager, and journalist based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Melissa has been writing for over 24 years, and was published for the first time as a child.  Recognizing the need of great content in the industry, she spends her time helping companies define their brands, message, websites, and strategy for cohesion and market presence. With over 17 books under her belt and many more exciting projects in the works, Melissa is honored to work with Kurt Kelly as a member of Live Video, Inc.

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Rodney Saulsberry

Voiceover Potpourri
Business      Performance

We are extremely pleased to once again welcome Rodney Saulsberry to the VOICE stage as one of our presenters. Rodney was one of the original 13 presenters at the very first VOICE convention in 2007. He returns to VOICE this year with a completely new program titled Voiceover Potpourri.

Rodney is very successful in commercial, promo, and trailer voiceover. During this program Rodney walk you through his personal process for auditioning and discovering the strongest interpretation of a script. He will also explain his marketing strategies and show you exactly how he books those national radio and TV commercials.

A lucky few attendees will be invited on stage to work with a script and be directed by Rodney.

If you're ready for an ideal blend of business strategies and performance techniques, they you'll want to attend Rodney Saulsberry's Voiceover Potpourri.


Due to copyrighted material used in this program, the audio of this session will not be included in the VOICE compilation recordings.



Rodney SaulsberryYou Can Bank on Your Voice

Rodney Saulsberry is one of the most sought after voiceover talents in the country, currently voicing the radio commercials  for Red Tails. For more than a decade the Detroit native and University of Michigan graduate has given voice to many commercial campaigns, including Toyota, Alpo, Twix, Colgate, and movie trailers such as Finding Forrester, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Dumb & Dumber, the Best Man, and Friday After Next. Sauslberry also lends his character voice to that animated Jazzman in Zatarain's television spots. As an announcer, he has worked on the NAACP Image Awards and The Essence Awards television specials and performs as the voice of Joe Robertson on the cartoon series Spider-man.

Rodney is the author of two books: You Can Bank on Your Voice and Step Up to the Mic: A Positive Approach to Succeeding in Voice-Overs. He also teaches voice acting webinars and workshops on commercials, promo and imaging.

Talking is not the only way this crooner has used his instrument. Rodney lent his melodious baritone singing voice to a jubilant ensemble of background singers on a spirited recording of Hakuna Matata on The Lion King movie soundtrack. He continued his animation musical journey singing on two numbers from The Prince of Egypt soundtrack, When You Believe and Playing With The Big Boys. As a soloist, he has recorded two rhythm and blues albums that have produced two Billboard charting singles, I Wonder and Look Whatcha Done Now.

In 2011, Saulsberry received an NAACP Image Award nomination in the category of Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series for his role on The Bold and the Beautiful.

His Broadway credits include the musicals, Your Arms Too Short to Box With God and The First (The Jackie Robinson Story).

Rodney an avid runner is a native of Detroit and University of Michigan Graduate. He resides in Agoura Hills, CA with his wife, Helen and celebrates his birthday on July 11th.

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Robert Sciglimpaglia

Panel: VO Trends

You won’t want to miss this special Saturday program as a panel of top VO professionals from around the world. discuss current trends in their markets. It’s an open forum and every area of voiceover is fair game from demos to producers, to performance trends and representation.

Bring your questions on any aspect of voiceover performance, business, or legal issues and have them answered by this panel of experts.

Rob’s panelists include: (subject to change)

  • Jon Bailey
  • September Day Carter
  • Dave Courvoisier - Social Media Expert
  • Jonathan Tilley - Marketing Expert
  • Doug Turkel



Rob SciglimpagliaVoiceover Legal

Born in Stamford, Connecticut and one of three brothers, Robert is currently a practicing attorney, as well as an actor and accomplished voice over artist. Robert hosted a local radio program back in the mid 1990's called "The Law Show", and more recently, hosted a radio show called "Ask the Lawyer."

Robert's first venture into the voice over field was a show called "American Experience: Hijacked!" which aired nationally on PBS-TV and was narrated by Campbell Scott. Since that time, he has appeared in numerous national projects with many big name stars, both in acting and voice overs such as: Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Brad Garrett, Kristen Johnson, Patrick Dempsey, Susan Sarandon, Amy Adams, James Marsden, Denis Leary, Tatum O’Neal, James Gandolfini, Michael Imperioli, Edie Falco, Uma Thurman, Will Smith, Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Chris Noth and numerous others.

Robert has appeared on National Television several times including a leading roles as Czar Nicholas II on the History Channel’s “Engineering an Empire: Russia”, “Al Capone” in History Channel’s “MysteryQuest”, 2 episodes of Discovery Channel’s “Most Evil” (Manson and Gangs), a recurring role on A&E’s “Watching the Detectives”, and twice in “30 Rock,” among others.

Besides television, he has done numerous film projects in leading or supporting roles, and has worked on major feature films like “Music and Lyrics”, “Enchanted”, “American Gangster”, “Julie and Julia”, Oscar winning “Man on Wire“ and “Life Before Her Eyes”. He has also done on camera or voice overs for hundreds of radio and TV commercials.

obert has also helped many, many students, both beginning and experienced, get started in the voice over industry, and advance in the business, through teaching and production of their demos. He had the honor of writing a chapter in the Fourth Edition of book The Art of Voice Acting, written by James Alburger, which is considered by many to be the bible of the voice over industry.

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Celia Siegel

Branding and Marketing
for the Professional Voice Actor


Do you want to take your VO work to the next level? Then you won’t want to miss lively discussion about what you can do to stand out in the highly competitive VO industry.

Join veteran voiceover talent agent and manager, Celia Siegel, and CSM's senior copywriter Marnie Lee as they cover the trends, tricks and tools of today's successful voiceover career. Whether you're an experienced pro or just getting started you need to know how to speak the language of the talent buyer, whether that is an agent, casting director, ad agency, or the client. By the end of this program you'll learn how to take charge of your career and you'll learn specific strategies that will show you exactly what you need to do to build your voiceover business. Bring your questions and join the conversation as Celia guides the discussion through some of these topics:

  • The must-have Voiceover Business Plan
  • Voiceover industry 2014 trend watching; what to expect
  • Secrets of top voiceover talent; learn what the big dogs know
  • Promotional tools: help your agent help you
    Voiceover talent branding
  • Marketing yourself and putting your brand to work
  • Take inventory of your voiceover marketing arsenal: your website, demos and promotional swag and collateral materials. And support, support, support.



Celia Siegel

Voiceover industry expert, Celia Siegel, worked as a top voice talent agent for over 15 years with CESD in Los Angeles, JE Talent in San Francisco, and Wehmann in Minneapolis. She used her management skills and insider experience, insight and expertise to build Celia Siegel Management - a full service advertising, consulting, and managemt firm for voice actors. Celia is also a certified Life Coach and works collaboratively with agents, demo and voice coaches, writers, and web designers to offer a full package of business coaching, branding and marketing services to her clients. Celia Siegel Management is dedicated to making their roster of voice talent sound and look their best while helping them grow a successful VO business.

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Marshall Sylver

Part 1: Real Hypnosis - Really Funny!
Thursday evening

Entertainment with a purpose


We guarantee you won’t want to miss this very special program Thursday evening and Friday’s General Session, both featuring Las Vegas headliner, Marshall Sylver.

Marshall is all about maintaining a positive mindset for creating prosperity and he’s bringing his Las Vegas show to VOICE 2014. During this fun and entertaining show, you’ll witness first-hand the power of the mind and just what can be accomplished. You will quickly realize that nothing is impossible.

But you may be asking “Why is a Las Vegas entertainer at a voiceover convention?” That’s a great question! And the answer is this: The focus of VOICE 2014 is to help you to become more powerful and more effective both as a performer and as a business person. Sometimes that requires some changes in the way you think and approach your work.

Part 2: Creating a Million Dollar Voice
Friday morning General Session

Marshall Sylver is much, much more than simply a Las Vegas entertainer. He’s a self-made millionaire who knows how to put the human mind to work to create prosperity and success.

During his General Session, Marshall will show you exactly what you can do to change the way you think and approach your voiceover work to move from a position of worry and struggling to a position of truly controlling your destiny. He’ll be using some of the techniques from his Las Vegas show to demonstrate the power that you hold within you.

The concepts and techniques you will learn from Marshall can potentially change your life forever!





Marshall Sylver is probably best known as the world’s fastest hypnotist. You may have seen him during one of his may appearances on the David Letterman show, at another convention, or during one of his many Las Vegas headlining appearances. Or you might know him from one of his motivational programs.

Marshall grew up in a family of 9 children, often living on the edge of poverty. In his teens, he was fascinated with magic and found a love of entertaining on stage. During his early 20’s, he made a conscious choice to move beyond his financial challenges and discovered hypnosis. He quickly learned that the power of the mind was more incredible than he could have imagined.

Over the past several decades, Marshall has gained a reputation as one of the top prosperity motivational speakers in the U.S.

We are incredibly pleased to feature Marshall as both our special featured entertainer as well as a General Session guest presenter.

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Joe Thomas



Life Lessons from the Dump
All Levels

Planning. It’s so important in business... Or is it?

One of my least-planned ventures has taken on a life of it’s own. It has given me new insights into my business, friends, and personal life.

What is this new miracle cure? Why, it’s my blog. “Joe’s Dump” of course!

Come follow me on a journey of discovery as I discuss how taking spontaneous, unplanned action can lead to fruitful results. By letting go of the rules and allowing ourselves to play, wonderous things can emerge.

Who knows where it will take us? (That’s half the fun ;-)





Joe J. Thomas comes from an  unusual combination of "Programmer by Day/Actor by Night." After nearly 30 years of leading this strange double life, he decided to launch his full-time career in Voice Acting.

Drawing on years of Theater and Improv Comedy performance, Joe specializes in Accents, Characters, Impressions, Voice Matching and ADR for Video Games, Cartoons, Commerciaals, Movies and Corporate productions.

Voicing characters from the iconic (Lex Luthor, Professor X, Sean Connery) to the bizarre (Yodeling Pickles, Camels, Lobsters), Joe has found a perfect way to express his inner oddness (er... oddity? odditude?).

If you're willing to take a step outside your comfort zone, you may find some of Joe's ideas will work wonders for your career.

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Randy Thomas

You know Randy’s voice. You’ve heard her on the Academy Awards, the Tony Awards, Entertainment Tonight! and many other television shows. Randy is at the top of her game and is truly one of the top female voice talent in the U.S.

We are sincerely honored that Randy will be presenting our VOICE 2014 Closing Keynote. Her program will be the perfect end to an amazing voiceover convention.




Randy Thomas - Closing KeynoteVoice For Hire by Randy Thomas and Peter Rofe

Did you watch the Tony Awards this year? If you did, then you’ve heard Randy Thomas - for the fifteenth year! Randy was the first female to announce the Academy Awards (7 times), and has also announced the Emmy Awards, the SAG Awards, the AFI Awards, and is the voice of Entertainment Tonight. She is co-author of “Voice for Hire” with Peter Rofe. Randy has been opening doors for female voice talent for more than 20 years.

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Jonathan Tilley

List Building... the Right Way!
All levels

  • Demos that you’re mega-proud of... CHECK
  • Rockin’ Home Studio... CHECK
  • Super-fast Internet connection... CHECK

So why aren’t the jobs pouring in?

Sharing your talent with the world shouldn't be riddled with anxiety, fear, and paralysis.

Knowing how to build your list the right way can create long-lasting, deep and powerful working relationships with clients, studios, and agencies.

Jonathan Tilley shares 5 tools to create abundance in your Voice Over Garden that will not only blast your client list through the roof, but also boost your confidence and self-worth in the process.




Jonathan Tilley is the creator of The Sacred Space Sessions:  a 28 day journaling course designed to make you feel good on the inside and out, League of List Builders: a 6 week business course for creatives on how to develop long-lasting, deep, and powerful working relationships, and author of Voice Over Garden: winner of the 2013 Small Business Book Award for Start-Ups.

A former actor, singer, and dancer in past productions of “A Chorus Line”, “Mamma Mia!”, and “Cats”, Jonathan Tilley transitioned into voice over in 2002 where he has voiced thousands of corporate narrations and business presentations for companies like Mercedes-Benz, FujiFilm, Porsche, IBM, Siemens, KIA, Philips, BASF and also voiced commercials for Red Bull, Nivea for Men, Google, Sprite, and Coca-Cola.

But still, something was missing. Jonathan missed the stage. He felt it was time to start speaking his own words about The Creative Process in front of audiences. And now he has devoted his life to sharing his thinking in order to help other creatives and entrepreneurs take action with their own process and purpose.

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Beau Weaver

From DJ to VO
All levels

Filling a vacancy - especially at the last minute - is always a challenge. But when we asked Beau Weaver if he would fill a VOICE program slot for a presenter who had to cancel due to health reasons, he stepped up to the plate without a moment’s hesitation.

That’s the sign of a true professional. And it’s the mark of someone who truly loves his craft and is willing to share his experience to help others learn from his mistakes… and successes.

As you can see from Beau’s bio at the right, he is one of those rare individuals who successfully made the transition from radio to full-time voiceover. In this program, Beau will share many of the challenges radio personalities face when moving into voiceover. He will also share many of the techniques he has developed and answer questions from the audience.

Since several of Beau’s close friends will also be attending VOICE, there’s a good chance that this program might turn into a panel discussion with some of the top voice talent in Los Angeles sharing their thoughts about voiceover.

If you are making the move from radio to VO, you won’t want to miss this program.





Beau Weaver is one of the West Coast's perennial A list voice over artists, narrating trailers for feature films, network television promos, syndicated television shows, cable network documentaries, national radio and television commercial campaigns, and imaging for major market television affiliates and radio stations.  He had starring roles in animated series including Superman and The Fantastic Four. 

Currently, Beau is voicing promos for off net syndicated series like "American Dad," “Futurama,” "Seinfeld,”  and “King of Queens.” He is the signature promo voice for many major market television stations, and narrates network documentary series on Discover, History and National Geographic Channels.

Beau likes to say that he was raised on the radio.. He was somehow able to con his way into his first professional on air job when he was just fifteen. By the age of twenty one, he had worked his way up to the west coast's legendary pop music powerhouses: KHJ, Los Angeles, and KFRC, San Francisco.  It was while on the air at KHJ that Beau discovered the freelance world of voice acting after attending a workshop led by the field's first female voice superstar Joan Gerber. 

Beau Weaver is also known as a technical innovator, pioneering out of market affiliate promo work from his own home studio in the early eighties. He also originated the techniques many voice actors use to record while traveling. Today Weaver works non-stop from voice over recording facilities in the artsy village of Ojai, California, near Los Angeles.

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Julie Williams

How to Handle a VO Career when Content
Conflicts with your Personal Values

Panel - All levels

It is not altogether uncommon to find yourself offered an audition or job that conflicts with your religious or moral, or even political belief system.

Conflicts could include jobs with content involving adult content, alcohol, smoking, profanity, mysticism, opposing political views, even religious organizations with different viewpoints.

How do you handle this Do you accept the work? Do you decline? Will the client be angry with you? Will your agent drop you? Where do you draw the line? These seasoned professionals have all encountered such situations. They’ll share their experiences, how they responded, how clients and agents responded, and how they decide - case by case - what to do.

Panelists include: (subject to change)

  • Scott Brick - Top Auiobook Narrator
  • Debra Deyan - Owner, Deyan Audio
  • Kate MClanaghan - National Casting Director
  • Rene Ruiz - Random House Audiobook Talent
  • Rob Sciglimpaglia - OC/VO Talent & Attorney



Julie Williams

Julie Williams is a well-established voice talent and marketer, known for her coaching and monthly “Voice-over Insider”.

She has been a presenter for several of the past VOICE conventions, always bringing new content and highly useful information to VOICE attendees.

This year’s panel on how to deal with auditions and bookings that conflict with personal values, once again promises to be a highlight of VOICE 2014.

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Mary Lynn Wissner

Proven Tips, Tricks & Technique
 fromCasting Director Mary Lynn Wissner
All levels

Self direction is challenging, even for the most seasoned VO pro. For 25 years, Casting Director, Mary Lynn Wissner of Voices Voicecasting in L.A., has not only cast thousands of voices in thousands of TV, radio, animation, games, ADR, audio books and industrials, but she has directed and guided hundreds of talent into lucrative careers in VO. Her popular Foundations of Voice Over workshops teach talent the basic directions that get asked for in all casting. Mary Lynn’s tips, tricks and techniques for self direction help talent to produce winning auditions and jobs... and there’s an APP for that!





Since 1990, Voices Voicecasting and Mary Lynn Wissner have been providing voice-overs for thousands of TV, radio, animation, film, games and audio book productions. Voices Voicecasting has earned the respect of producers all over the country and abroad. Many who have gone the internet casting route have returned to the personalized attention Mary Lynn gives their production.

Voices Voicecasting has also made a mark training and preparing the voice actor for a career in this industry. From workshop events, Meet the Agent Night, to her popular, "Book It!" VO Roadshow, as well as, private telephone and Skype coaching, Mary Lynn has been instrumental in beginning and nurturing some of today's most successful voice talent across the country.