On Set Voiceover Support Rentals for Film & Video Producers
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Here’s the scene: You’re shooting on location under a tight deadline and you need to record your actor’s voiceover tracks while you have them on the set. But the nearest studio is miles away! And the only quiet place around is the rest room... and you know what that sounds like.

We’ve got your problem solved!

Use our Location Voiceover Booth...

  • to record on-location voiceover tracks
  • as a quiet place for screening your shots
  • as an isolation booth
  • as a green room or dressing room
  • for equipment storage
  • as an acoustically controlled space for your sound department
  • for anything you can think of that might require a large acoustically treated space on location

Our large Location Voiceover Booth is a full 7’ X 7’ X 8’ acoustically treated area constructed using a steel pipe frame and a double wall of heavy, “Producer’s Choice” sound blankets. It’s not acoustically sound proof, but it will provide your sound crew with an acoustically treated and very acoustically “dead” environment in which to record voice tracks or anything else they might need. And if your location has access to a nearby empty room that’s at least 10’ X 10’, our Location Voiceover Booth will effectively give you the quality of an on-site recording studio. If you don’t need a large isolation booth, we also have a smaller version that is 3’ X 3’ X 8’.

We’ve used the large booth for dozens of voice track sessions via ISDN for radio commercials, TV voice tracks, and narration projects around the world.

One person can set up our Location Vocal Booth in just over an hour and tear-down in about 45 minutes. Everything packs into a a small van or it can easily be loaded onto your grip truck. Pick up from us or we’ll deliver to your staging area for a small fee.

  • Your sound or grip crew can handle the set-up or...
  • We can deliver everything to your site and take care of set-up and strike for a small additional charge. 

Either way, when you need a high-quality, acoustically “dead” recording space on set, you need our Location Voiceover Booth.

The VoiceActing Studios Location Voiceover Booth is available in several configurations for single-day or multi-day rental. Call for special pricing if you need our booth for an extended period of time.

We also have available several of the most popular small portable voiceover booths, including the Vocal Booth To Go Pro (recommended), Harlan Hogan’s PortaBooth Pro, and the sE Reflexion.


We have an assortment of audio equipment, and dynamic, condenser, RF, and head-worn microphones available for daily or weekly rental.




Best Use








Large VO Booth


On-location voiceover sound booth - double wall with window and light


$ 300

Medium VO Booth


On-location voiceover booth - single wall, no window


$ 150

Vocal Booth to Go CoVB Pro2


Desk-top or Mic Stand mount - small porta-booth - sound blankets

$ 25

$ 100

Porta Booth 2 Pro (Hogan)


Desk-top only - small porta-booth - acoustic foam

$ 25

$ 100

sE Reflexion Pro


Stand mount only - small acoustic space

$ 25

$ 100

(+ travel time @ $25/hr)







Pick up at our location. (Mini-van, pick-up truck or grip truck required)

no charge

no charge

Delivery/Pickup by us


Delivery & pickup to/from your location within 50 miles of our office.

$ 100

$ 100

Delivery & Setup


Delivery & pickup plus complete set-up and tear-down

$ 300

$ 300






Sennheisser MKH-416


Short throw shotgun microphone for booth - foam pop screen

$  85

$ 300

Audio Technica RF Mic

1 mic

Head-worn mic with body pack transmitter & A/C receiver

$  75

$ 300

RF Handheld or Headset Mic

per set of 2

Hand-held RF mic, headset boom, body pack xmtr, A/C receiver

$  65

$ 300

Dynamic handheld mic


Hand-held dynamic microphone

$  10

$   50

Mic stand


Tripod base with boom arm

$  15

$ 100

Copy stand


Manhassett 48” music/copy stand

$  15

$   85

Mackie 1604 VLZ mixer


16 mic in, 4 ch out analog mixer


$  600

Behringer 1204 USB mixer


4 mic in, 8 line, 2 ch out analog mixer with built-in USB

$  35

$  250

Alesis Multi-Mix 8


4 mic in, 4 line, 2 ch out analog mixer with built-in USB

$  25

$  200

Portable PA Rack w/speakers


Includes: CD/Cass player, 2 power amps, mic/line mixer, utility drawer,
2 mic stands (for speakers), 2 speakers, and speaker cables. 2 rack cases and utility dolly.

$ 100

$  400






Mic Cable


25 foot

$    5

$    15

Mic Cable


50 foot

$  10

$    25

Mic Cable


100 foot

$  15

$    40

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