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VOICE Convention Presenter Registration

Thank you for participating as a VOICE Presenter.

In order for us to communicate with you efficiently, we ask that you register as a VOICE Presenter by completing the form below. Submitting this form will either add a VOICE Presenter item to your existing account or will create a new VoiceActing Academy account and add you as a Presenter.

For each VOICE convention, we create a new listing of our Presenters, so please fill out and submit the form even if you already have a VoiceActing Academy account or have presented at a previous convention.

When you submit the form below, you will be redirected to a new page with links to the following files:

  • An informative READ ME FIRST PDF file.
  • Your VOICE Convention Registration Package - this will have everything you need to know about the VOICE convention.
  • Your VOICE Presentation Technical Details form - Please complete the information on this form and send it to us as soon as possible. We use the information you provide here to make sure your presentation at VOICE runs as smoothly as possibly.
  • Your VOICE Booking Agreement Detail - This is your complete VOICE Booking Agreement and is in addition to the “short form” Summary that you have signed and sent to us.
  • A W-9 IRS form - Because we are providing compensation in the form of trade, and we may be compensating you financially, we need to have this form on file. If you reside outside of the United States, you can disregard this form.
  • Your Red Carpet Reception ticket - Print this ticket and bring it with you to the Red Carpet Reception on the night before the convention starts.
  • A Reimbursement Voucher - You’ll need this when you submit receipts and other documents for reimbursement (see Booking Agreement for details).

IMPORTANT: After clicking on the Submit button below, you will be taken to a LOGIN page.

For USERNAME: Use the email address you enter in the form below.

For PASSWORD: If you already have an account, use your current password. If you do NOT have an account, Use the temporary password voiceacting . You should be redirected to the Presenter Download Links page. You can also access this page by logging into your account. After logging in to your account, we suggest you click on the Edit Profile link to change your password.

If you see an error message that says you do not have access, please click on the HOME link below the error to log in to your account. Scroll down your Home Page to locate the VOICE Presenter product. Click on the link to go to the download links page.


Please complete the information below
to register as a VOICE Presenter.

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