Are you a teller of stories? Or a twister of knobs?

If you narrate audio books, our guess is that you’re a story teller!

We know how much work goes into just recording an audio book! The last thing you want to worry about is the technical details of your recording. When you need your audio book narration to sound its best, you can count on VoiceActing Studios for editing, clean-up and mastering services. We can even help you bring your home studio up to professional standards.

We work closely with audio book narrators and producers to finalize their products for distribution by ACX, and iTunes.

Here’s just some of what VoiceActing Studios can do for your next audio book project:

  • Consultation services to get your home studio sounding its best!
  • Forms and procedures to help you document your progress during recording and all stages of production
  • First-level editing and clean-up to prepare your tracks for QC submission
  • Post-production assembly of pick-ups and voice track repairs
  • De-clicking, EQ and noise reduction to create a completely clean narration track
  • Final mastering to prepare your audio book narration for ACX and standards

Oh, sure, you may be able to handle some or all of these chores on your own. But your first job as an audio book narrator is to tell the story! You shouldn’t have to deal with the technical aspects of the project.

Call us at 858.484.0220 for more information and to arrange for us to master your audio book project.






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