Services and Rates:

Whether its a simple voiceover recording, writing a script for a radio commercial, or production of a complex live show sound track, there are many variables associated with every sort of production. We’ll work closely with you to keep production costs within your budget. If you’re not sure of how to budget your project or what needs to be factored in, we’ll walk you through the process to help you come up with a realistic budget that will achieve your desired results.

Each project we produce requires a detailed analysis to determine the appropriate costs. Costs in some areas may be negotiable while other costs are fixed. The table below describes most of the services we provide. All rates are 1 hour minimum, prorated by 1/4 hour thereafter. Day rates and Package Blankets may result in substantial savings for most productions. CA sales tax applies to any materials associated with the production. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Always call us first if you have special requirements, a complex or on-going project, or if you have any questions. Our office line is 858.484.0220 M-F, 10am-5pm PT.




Digital Studio:

Studio time includes engineer/producer/director for audio production or video editing. Studio time applies for all audio and video production services including voice track recording, music editing, audio production and video editing.


$125.00 per hr

Minimum one hour up to 4 hours. You will be billed for a minimum of one hour.

4-hour block

$100.00 per hr

Minimum 4 hours. You will be invoiced for the minimum block plus overtime prorated by 1/4 hour after the block

Day rate

$  90.00 per hr

Based on an 8-hour day, one day minimum. You will be billed for the minimum block.

Upload Delivery

50% of hourly rate

Applies only when files are uploaded or delivered via FTP or a large file transfer service taking more than 10 minutes. Minimum 1-hour charge for uploading files.

Talent Fees:

We only cast professional non-union talent. Talent fees are generally negotiable but will vary depending on the specific needs of the production. We do not take a commission on talent fees.

Casting Fee:

Voiceover casting

10% of talent fee

Our casting fee includes all necessary time needed to process submitted auditions. Casting fee is in addtion to talent fee and studio time.

Production Services:

All producing services are booked at a day rate. Actual rate will vary depending on length of time required and other factors.



Producing some or all aspects of a project for film, video, or live events.



Multiple camera directing for TV and video. Staging and blocking for film, video, and live events.

Script continuity


On location script continuity for film and video shoots

Advertising creative


This is a flat rate per script for radio or TV commercial copy up to a 1-minute spot.

Equipment rental:

A variety of audio equipment and portable voiceover booths are available for daily or weekly rental. Click here for more information

Music Search, Licensing and Video Elements

All music used in a commercial production must have a synchronization license to avoid copyright issues. We will not produce a project that violates U.S. copyright laws. The appropriate studio rate applies to time spent searching for music from our libraries or on-line.

Music library

$75 - $150/track

License fee will vary depending on type of use, amount of music used and the library source fees. Music library fees are not marked up.

Original Music


We have several composers available when original music is required. Rates will vary.

Sound Effects

No Charge

We have thousands of sound effects in our library. There is never a charge for sound effects.

Video Elements:

$10 per element

We have dozens of video elements, animated backgrounds, revealers, etc.

Blanket Rates:

Please call us to discuss a blanket rate for your production. A blanket rate will include all aspects of production necessary to complete your project.

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