The sound of your business is a direct reflection of the quality you deliver!

You’ve probably heard that video is the most important tool for your business or advertising.
If you believe that, you’re not even half right!

Next time you watch a TV commercial, cover your ears and notice how much of the message you really understand just by watching the video. Now, uncover your ears and close your eyes!

You’ll discover that the sound of your message is often far more important than any other single aspect of your advertising and marketing. The sound of your message is actually more than 50% of your communication equation. Sound can be far more emotional, more compelling, and have a much greater impact than pictures or video.

And when great audio is part of your message, the results can be amazing! Done correctly, it will enhance your brand and bring customers to your door. But all too often, this aspect of a business is neglected, completely overlooked, misunderstood, or handled poorly.

From the voice your customers hear when they call your business; to your radio, television and on-line advertising; to the audio quality of your corporate videos; to the sound of your sales staff during meetings and presentations, the sound of your business or message is critical to your success.

At VoiceActing Studios, we start with writing that is designed to grab the attention of your market. Next, we bring in professional voice talent and finish with award-winning and production.

With more than four decades of experience in audio production, producing and directing for radio, television and live entertainment; advertising creative, voiceover performance, talent directing and live production, the VoiceActing Studios staff will deliver memorable and effective results for your next production, advertising campaign, website or business communication. Visit our Library to experience some of our work.And, just in case you’re wondering if we know what we’re doing... here’s just some of what VoiceActing Studios brings to your business communication, marketing and advertising:

      • 11 Emmy Awards for audio production and Sound Design
      • Numerous Omni Intermedia, Communicator, and Silver Microphone awards for audio production
      • Fully digital studio
      • VoiceActing Studios has been producing quality audio full-time since 1998, and part-time since 1972
      • Full-service audio production and post-production for radio, television and film
      • On-staff professional voiceover talent
      • Voice track recording and editing
      • Voiceover talent casting
      • Advertising creative (copy writing)
      • Producing, directing, script supervision, project coordinating, and talent directing for radio, animation, film and television
      • Audio pre-production and post-production for video and film including music/SFX scoring and editing
      • Dozens of in-house music and sound effects libraries
      • Access to top composers for customized, original music

And that’s just for starters! We can also work with your business, no matter what size, as a consultant or coach to raise the level of your company’s verbal communication both internally and to your customers. For more information, please visit

Call VoiceActing Studios today, and we’ll put our expertise to work for you to improve the “sound” of your business.

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